January 19, 2009

In the beginning ...

We all wanted to take a photography class. But it turns out that photography classes are

(a) expensive, and

(b) require a DSLR camera.

None of us wanted to spend that kind of money yet ... we're still learning after all!

LF had purchased the Digital Photography Workbook for Dummies.

Robi and I agreed to purchase it as well, and we are now using the Dummies book as our text book.

The first of every month we will set the assignment. Throughout the month, we will explore the subject and post pictures as often as possible.

We appreciate all comments; constructive criticism is good.
But if you're commenting just to be mean, well ... don't be a douchebag!


  1. i shoulda read this post before i commented on your other one.


Constructive criticism is always welcome!